Mitsi Ford Isuzu Nissan EGR Blank Modules

Close your EGR permanently without the need for metal plates. Fits in seconds and works with your ECU to keep it closed!

Please click on the images below to see which vehicles I can make EGR Modules for. For more information on compatibility please check out the Will It Fit page:-

Stopping the EGR system could* result in:-

  • Smoother Power Delivery

  • Turbo Spools up Quicker

  • Better Fuel Economy

  • Cleaner Engine and Reduced Carbon Build Up

  • *results will vary depending on the condition of your engine prior to fitting the module and your driving style

What is the EGR? - Please CLICK HERE to go to the page which explains what the EGR is and why manufacturers have to fit them in the first place! It will also explain the benefits of preventing the EGR.

Why prevent the EGR? - Please CLICK HERE to do to the page which explains why it's beneficial to prevent the EGR from working.

What other options are there and how easy it is to fit? - Please CLICK HERE to go to the page which explains what other options are out there to close the EGR.

How does it work and is it safe? CLICK HERE


"Received module and fitted...well chuffed and can tell the difference straight away." Tony - L200 Owners club member

"Fitted mine and the truck is definitely smoother and quieter. Thanks." Scott - L200 Owners Club